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Perhaps you just have a stomach pouch with a little loose skin from ageing or having a baby. Our treatment can burn 30% fat and build 25% muscle to tighten and flatten your stomach and remove that pouch. It also promotes the production of collagen to tighten skin. If you’re in general good shape and you just need that little extra help to get more definition we can help with that too. You have the option of just building muscle and not burning fat during your treatment. Our specialist technicians will discuss your body goals with you prior to your first session to ensure we help you reach them. One 30 minute session is the equivalent to doing 20,000 sit ups, now that’s time saving!

Diastasis recti in post partum mums can have a seriously adverse effect on your day to day life. But don’t worry this is something our specialists can help with. For more information see here. 

Many doctors also recommend strengthening your core to help with back pain. You may have been given exercises to do by a Physiotherapist but aren’t seeing results fast enough to ease your discomfort. An abs treatment with us is great for building core strength to improve your balance, stability, minimise back pain and improve posture. 


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Brazilian Booty Lift

Our most popular service and a firm celebrity favourite. If you’re looking for that ideal round peachy bottom, then this is the treatment for you. Each 30 minute session is the equivalent of 24,000 squats.

When the glutes are exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt and respond with a strong remodelling of its inner structure, i.e. the growth of myofibrils (muscle hypertrophy) and formation of new protein strands and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia). Increased muscle density and volume create a lifting effect resulting in improved definition and muscle tone. This innovative process stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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My Bod - Before Emsculpt butt liftMy Bod - Emsculpt result bum
My Bod - Before Emsculpt buttMy Bod- Brazilian Booty Lift Results

Pelvic Floor 

There are a number of exercises recommended for strengthening your pelvic floor. If you, like many of our clients have had limited success with these methods then we may have the non-surgical solution for you. Research has shown our treatment can result in significant improvement and reduction in severity of symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in 95% of our male and female clients. 


Slimming, toning, strength, power. Whatever you need, we can make it happen. As you know, calves can take an age to build and sculpt in the gym, easily becoming fatigued and overworked with cramping a common issue. You’ll also know that thighs can carry excess fat which is super tough to budge no matter how many squats you do. This is where our treatment comes in to play, with no recovery or downtime, achieving the results you hope for in an unbelievably short space of time. 

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My Bod - Before Emsculpt QuadsMy Bod - Emsculpt Quad results
My Bod - Before Emsculpt calvesMy Bod - After Emsculpt Calves


Whether your desire is for more definition, improved upper body strength, to kiss those bingo wings goodbye or simply bulk up like never before then this is the treatment for you. Your specialist technician will discuss with you your goals, whether this includes fat burning and or muscle building. 

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My Bod - Before Emsculpt ArmsMy Bod - After Emsculpt Arms
My Bod - Before Emsculpt armsMy Bod - Emsculpt arms results


What They Say

"Having had 3 kids in 4 years my abs were shot and basically letting all hang out. My stomach was my main unhappiness not just for the look but for how my quality of life was affected. I can truely say the treatment was well worth it, not only for my self confidence but also for how great my tummy looks and feels now."

"I was finding it difficult to engage my core properly for sit ups and even getting out of bed like I used to. I've had 6 sessions of the pelvic floor treatment and 4 sessions for abs. I'm pushing 40 and I've never been in such good shape in my life, I'm so pleased with the results"

"I've always been a very active person but found over the last few years with the pressures of work and family I've aquired myself a "Dad Bod". I had the abs and arms treatment which has put me firmly back in control of my fitness. The short treatment times and no recovery were great with my tight schedule"

"Been stuggling for years with my flat butt. I'm always very conscious of it on dates and when deciding how to dress. I'm an active person and do a lot of yoga, I also tried coolsculpting but nothing worked. Some friends of mine have been to My Bod so I decided to give it a try. I'm very pleased with the results. I never imagined I would have these curves, I look great in jeans now!"

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